2023 Feb 3

Easy Way to Extend the Output in PowerShell

Sometimes it happens, you have a bit more text than expected in the output, and of course, you can format the table/list to include more data, but sometimes it doesn't really work, and you still need to check for the output width to be precise.

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2023 Jan 9

Simple File Search Function

We might need to be able to locate files, and PowerShell might be rather helpful in that regard. Here we also use all the matches where the string is specified between two asterisks, but we can also limit it to whatever we only like.

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2021 Sep 17

Tips on PowerShell Profile

Extending PowerShell possibilities is a great step beyond the regular usage. For that, we can create the $profile file, which will load every time you start the PowerShell session. You can have a separate profile for each user account, or a generic system one.

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2021 Jan 4

Copy Files from Git Repository to DFS

You might have a magic opportunity to delegate some stuff to the L1, Junior colleagues etc., also you may need to automate it for yourself. In my current company we are using the on-premise Bitbucket for the VPN repositories, as regardless of the year (2020-2021) you are still expected to have the VPN, and git is a good tool to monitor activities and changes. Also, we are having the DFS servers for people to share their files.

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