2021 Jan 4

Copy Files from Bitbucket to DFS

You might have a magic opportunity to delegate some stuff to the First Line, Junior colleagues etc., also you may need to automate it for yourself. In my current company we are using the on-premise Bitbucket for the VPN repositories, as regardless of the year (2020-2021) you are still expected to have the VPN, and git is a good tool to monitor activities and changes. Also, we are having the DFS servers for people to share their files.

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2020 Sep 28

Creating a Simple Game in Python

Gaming is a great part of a life. Diving into the virtual competition against enemies, puzzles, time is a good way to spend your evening in a cozy environment with a cup of a favorite beverage. Back in 2014 I was keen to learn new stuff, I was younger and more naïve. I could have tried to learn some programming languages ending up with a basic knowledge, zero practice and no real outcome. Python is still pretty good for the sysadmin job, but anyway this post is about the way of having the simple game in your command line.

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UPN Suffix Change for the Required Users

Sometimes you will need to change the UPNs for the users. Either to have the sync with Azure AD or for something else – it's good to be compliant with the 21st century.

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2020 Sep 27

Fresh Start - More to Come (I Guess)

Please read a personal appeal or whatever.

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