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2021 Jun 20

Checking the *Real* Password Expiration Date

If you ever happened to have used ADAC for the users to set up their password policy to be different from the default for your domain, then you might have noticed the net user %username% /domain command will return not the expected value, as it checks the information quite differently. The script below will actually help to determine the real expiry date.

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2021 Jun 13

Remove the User from a Group if They are the Members of Another One

If you need to remove the user from a particular group based on the membership of another, you can do that super easy, barely an inconvenience.

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Check Users with No Groups by Pattern

Imagine the situation when someone (probably, from Audit) comes to you and asks to provide the list of users (if any) without a particular group (or groups by imaginary pattern). It could happen, so you need to be more or less prepared.

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2020 Sep 28

UPN Suffix Change for the Required Users

Sometimes you will need to change the UPNs for the users. Either to have the sync with Azure AD or for something else – it's good to be compliant with the 21st century.

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