2023 Feb 3

Easy Way to Extend the Output in PowerShell

Sometimes it happens, you have a bit more text than expected in the output, and of course, you can format the table/list to include more data, but sometimes it doesn't really work, and you still need to check for the output width to be precise.

In case you run a command (it is easily visible, for example, in Members property of Get-ADGroup), and get the output like:

StoreNames : {TrustedPublisher, ClientAuthIssuer, Remote Desktop, Root...}

You should consider looking for another option. That would be changing the value of our little friend called $FormatEnumerationLimit.

You can check the current value to keep track of it:


You should see a number, most likely it will be a single digit like 4 (default). To change it, you can run the following:


Don't worry, it will reset automatically once you open a new PowerShell session. This doesn't have to be -1, but in that case, PowerShell will show all the applicable entries, either those are members of a group, dependent modules of the process, store names for certificates, or anything else:

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